Our Promises to You, the Community and Ourselves

Caring is at the heart of what we do every day – caring for patients and families, for self, for others and the community. We share a deep commitment of time, passion, education and understanding and believe it is the best way to provide care.

Being at the forefront of change requires re-examining our approach to care for the benefit of our community. To be effective, change must start from within. Inspired by the relationship-centered focus of Dr. Joanne Duffy’s Quality-Caring Model©, our team came together to create and identify words to work and live by. Out of that, our promise statements that shape our culture were born.

We Promise:
To treasure all people as uniquely created
To nurture, educate and guide with integrity
To inspire each and every one of us to do our very best

Our promise statements drive everything we do. They are at the heart of our caregiving, our decisions and our daily interactions. They define our culture of relationships and caring at Lakeland Regional Health.


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