Elevate Your Practice

Nursing Jobs at Lakeland Regional Health

As one of the state's largest hospitals, Lakeland Regional Health is the top choice for a nursing job in Florida. Join Lakeland Regional Health and your nursing practice will benefit from our transformation to become a teaching hospital, our culture of relationships and caring, and our shared vision to elevate the level of care.

Defining the Future of Healthcare
From our Nursing Shared Governance structure to the relationship-focus of Dr. Joanne Duffy's Quality-Caring Model©, our nurses are actively involved in decision making that affects their jobs and determines our standards of care. Our nurses are empowered through:

  • A defined professional practice model that is relationship centered, focused on caring for patients and families, self, community and the health team.
  • The support and collaboration of councils of direct care nurses dedicated to bringing evidence based practice to the bedside.
  • A framework for promoting excellence with opportunities to impact how we define, delineate, create and evaluate the professional nursing practice at Lakeland Regional Health.
  • On-the-job tools designed to achieve balance through flexible scheduling and resources that support your practice.

Be part of our team that works together to strengthen the quality of relationships and contribute to improved outcomes.

BSNs are the Future of Lakeland Regional Health Care
As we continue to elevate the level of care we provide our community, BSNs are an integral part of our plan. Recognizing their value to patient care and impact on consistently delivering positive outcomes, BSNs will become the standard at Lakeland Regional Health.

Advanced Practice Nursing and Clinical Nurse Specialists Jobs at Lakeland Regional Health
Working closely with patients and their families, our advanced practice practitioners elevate patient care through their clinical expertise. This integrative approach to care helps us provide the best healthcare experience possible while putting advanced training and skills to work in fields and settings that match up with your interests.


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